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Scientific Technology

specializes in the manufacturing of various quality inspection instruments,
testing equipment and other high-tech products.

Each system are custom built/manufactured to your unique requirements.


Thanks to several decades of R&D efforts, the company has established itself as a leading provider of testing instruments, playing a crucial role in the research and development of high-quality and high-value products within the medical and military industry.

Vibration Table within Walk-In Temperature Controlled Chamber

Ultra Low Freezing Systems, Walk-In Freezers, Environmental Testing Chambers, Military ordnance/ammunition/weapons testing systems, AST Cryogenic Systems, Ultra Low Vacuum Pumps & Plants, Ammunition & Weapon’s Storage Units, programmable constant Temperature & Humidity Test Chambers, High & Low Temperature Testers with Rapid Temperature Changes, Walk-In Humidity & Temperature Test Chambers, Cool/Thermal shock test chamber, Salt spray chambers, Drying ovens, Xenon lights resistant to climate testing machines, UV resistant to climate testing machines, Ozone Aging test machines, Sand and dust testing machines, Tension testers, Mechanical vibration testers and other quality testing instruments.